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CAVAVIN, the France's leading wine & spirits franchise

CAVAVIN is the first French network of local wine merchants franchise with more than 150 franchisees.

CAVAVIN was created in 1985 by Michel Bourel in La Baule with the opening of a first wine shop and the association with other wine merchants. CAVAVIN moved to franchise model in 1996.

For more than 35 years, CAVAVIN has been a partner in the selection of wines and spirits of 200 winegrowers. The 2000 references available on the platform are mainly authentic and exclusive products with very good value for money thanks to the strong partnership in place with our wine growers.

CAVAVIN is a large family uniting wine merchants and winemakers and also a company that focuses on family continuity of the group. It is Olivier Mermuys, the son-in-law of the founder who is today the general manager. CAVAVIN wine merchants, who are independent contractors, have several opportunities to meet the winemakers and personally select their assortment to please their customers.

CAVAVIN is leader in France, including Guyana and Reunion, but also present in England, Scotland, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Ivory Coast, Congo and Morocco and is therefore an ambassador of "French art de vivre ".

CAVAVIN, strong values


CAVAVIN works in team spirit with its wine merchants and with its wine growers. For some winemakers, the partnership goes back to the creation of CAVAVIN in 1985. CAVAVIN's partner winemakers work in partnership on a long-term basis in a daily relationship that is enriched by moments of meeting and sharing with the headquarters teams and wine merchants ( including congresses). During these moments of exchange each wine merchant chooses the assortment for his winery according to the tastes of his customers. The meeting with the winemakers makes it possible to ensure the quality of the wines and the work of the soil. This allows to be updated on the news of each winemaker, some are organic and many in conversion will have the label very quickly. More than 150 wines and spirits are organic and the number is growing every year. CAVAVIN, it is a family spirit with family continuity between the founder and his son-in-law, proof that the group puts on the long term faithful to its human values. The entrepreneurial spirit motivates the teams on a daily basis in the will to always adapt to bring to their customers the best service. Customer proximity is part of the DNA of the network whose slogan is "the passion of the council" and materializes by the adaptation of the ranges to the needs of the customers. CAVAVIN is the local wine merchant who offers advice to his customers so that everyone can choose the wines and spirits that suit him best according to his budget, the occasion, the food and wine pairings and his personal tastes. . Each customer can discover his own Wine Sign ® through a unique experience to have a wine list corresponding to its sensitivity gustatory.

CAVAVIN, a differentiating concept to the taste of the day


Since 1985, CAVAVIN has developed a network of traders of good taste and a differentiating store concept where customers enjoy discovering authentic wines at good value for money. Each trader is an independent contractor who makes the soul of his winery relying on the strengths of the network.

Our local wine merchants advise customers wishing to discover wines and spirits from the best French and foreign terroirs in a warm and cozy atmosphere. The wines and spirits are presented by region with emphasis on novelties, organic wines, local wines and favorites. The furniture of each wine cellar facilitates the presentation and preservation of the wines. Each customer travels well in the countries and the regions and profits from the advice of his cellar to find the nugget or the sure value which will delight him.

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